Friday, May 4, 2018

Plea to create more NEET centres in TN- M.A.Aleem Trichy

Plea to create more NEET centres in TN
  - By DR.M.A.Aleem
         Tamilnadu pondicherry                    Association of Neurologists

Today supreme court of india denied creation of more exam centres for NEET in TN . It created difficult situations for Tamilnadu NEET aspirants. They have to go to NEET centres available in nearby states. In consume time travel and many expenses to appear for the exam.

TN state is already having 25 MCI approved medical colleges . But the 2018 available NEET centres in Tamilnadu is only 10 cities. So central Government should consider to allot more NEET exam centres in each Medical council of India appoved medical colleges in Tamilnadu and in other states.

Our TN students are bright. They will come out with flying colours in any competitive exams and challenges. I predicts and assured that In 5 years Tamilnadu students only going to get all seats available through NEET exams in both UG and PG medical seats. At that time all states in India will cry to erase NEET Exams.

Tamilnadu pondicherry Association of Neurologists

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