Sunday, January 16, 2011

Rajiv Gandhi name for Madras GH

IT is a very good decision by our Tamil nadu chef minister Dr.kalaigar M.karunadhi to name the madras medical college goverment hospital as rajiv gandhi govt hospita
l(RGGH) Like this our CM has also announced former tamilnadu chief minister K.Kamaraj Birthday as Education development day in tamil nadu.our CM announcement of this kind is welcome by every citizen of Tamil nadu and every indian in the world

Thursday, January 13, 2011

OLYMPIA SHILA GERALD finds how the men and
women in white contend with a demanding
professional life to put into action what they
Photo : M. Moorthy
EFFECTIVE Simple way to tone your muscles
You can 't help but associate them with pills and
powders . You might ingest any number of Eve's
golden fruits to keep them away , but you
inevitably have to darken their doorstep
someday !
Health is their prerogative . But do the men and
women in white practice what they so ardently
preach ? Here 's how they contend with a
demanding professional life to put into action
what they advocate .
Most medical practitioners agree that time is a
major constraint when it comes to following a
regular exercise schedule .
“ A fixed routine is not always possible . So it is
best to exercise for half- an - hour a day
whenever time permits,” says radiation
oncologist, S. P . Srinivas adding , “Exercise gains
greater significance for people above 40 as it is
when you develop all sorts of complications. ”
Racing against time does not give most doctors
the luxury of hitting the gym , playing an outdoor
sport or indulging in vigorous physical activity .
So they stick to what they dub the best workout -
a brisk walk for half - an- hour.
“ An early morning walk when pollution levels are
low is the best bet. The brain cells are activated
when they get ample oxygen . In the long run , an
early morning walk can prevent dementia ,” says
M . A. Aleem , neurologist . “ Tension headaches
will decrease and you adapt to handling stress
easily. ”
Others like surgeon K . Govindaraj , prefer to
work out at home. “ Twenty minutes of exercise
is rewarding . My workout comprises of cardio
exercises, abdomen crunches , lifting weights and
the elliptical trainer . For those hard pressed for
time , the elliptical trainer is perfect. It burns
more calories in less time. ”
Gynaecologist Malathi Prasad lists walking and
yoga as the best options for women .
“ Exercise for half an hour a day can do wonders .
Women above 30 should consciously watch their
weight , as they tend to pile on the kilos after
childbirth . If you don 't start early , then it may
get difficult to keep your weight in check . ”
She endorses yoga for pregnant women right
from the third month of pregnancy . “A gym is a
good option , but only when there are qualified
personal trainers. And post delivery , women
need to follow a strict regimen to get back in
shape . “
Ophthalmologist Shanthi who does a 20 - hour
run on the treadmill everyday reiterates yoga as
viable proposition for people of all ages. “Yoga is
an ideal stress buster particularly for women
juggling home and career. ”
She lays stress on dietary control for women
heading towards menopause “ With hormonal
changes , chances for fat deposits are greater .
So , women in the post menopause period
should include vegetables , fruits and plenty of
water . Milk and supplements are essential to
maintain depleting calcium levels.”
True , exercise without diet is fruitless, believe
most practitioners. “ Dietary discipline and
healthy day to day activities should go hand in
hand for physical and mental fitness , ” asserts
emergency physician Mohmed Khan. “ By
reducing intake of pressure cooked rice, sugar,
salt, milk products and maida , you can combat
diabetes and hypertension ,” he says.
A low calorie diet rich in fibre but with less
emphasis on salt , sugar and oil is what doctors
order for a healthy lifestyle .
Physicians also warn against stretching personal
limits during exercise. “Patients must exercise
keeping in mind their health condition ,” says Dr.
Aleem while Govindaraj reveals , “ I tell obese
patients to take a look at themselves in the
mirror every day after a workout . It can be
highly motivating to get back in shape . ”
Primary care physician D . Sivasubramaniam
agrees that it is easy to come up with excuses .
“ If you don 't find time for exercise, then
incorporate physical activity into your everyday
routine . Take the stairs, avoid lifts , walk at a
faster pace or get down two stops ahead and
walk home after work ,” he suggests .
“ All said and done, enjoy whatever exercise you
do to benefit from it . Don 't consider it as a
chore .”
Magic mantra: Marry a disciplined diet and
regular exercise for a healthy life.
Preferred workout : Walking is what they
unanimously swear by .
source : The Hindu
date : Friday, Dec 31 , 2010