Saturday, July 28, 2012

Neurologica 2012

Neurologica 2012 is held at Hua kin from 14 to 17th July. Topics are very useful. I participated on floor discussion on status epilepticus topic presented by prof Shorovn.

Friday, July 27, 2012


Every year WHO announces July 28th as world hepatitis day since 2007 to create awareness on hepatitis. Hepatitis viruses A B C D and E can cause acute and chronic infections of the liver and involve other organs. These viruses are a global health risk with around 240 million people being chronically infected with hepatitis B and around 150 million people being chronically infected with hepatitis C. This year theme for world hepatitis day is IT'S CLOSER THAN YOU THINK. Hepatitis doesn't discriminate against age race or gender.It can affect any one any where. Know it Confront it and get tested. To over come the hepatitis B infections in Tamilnadu our CM Jayalalitha has introduced Pentavalent vaccines along with hepatitis B vaccine for all children in Tamilnadu.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

`Epileptic patients can treat normal life'

TIRUCHI, NOV. 23. A fervent plea to erase the stigma attached to epilepsy by the society was made during the observance of the National Epilepsy Day, organised by the Department of Medicine, K.A.P. Viswanatham Government Medical College, and Annal Gandhi Government Hospital, here today.

Terming it to be a neurological problem, speakers emphasised that epilepsy was curable and epileptic patients could lead a normal life through proper medication. There was no problem in epileptic patients marrying and begetting children. An epileptic woman can give birth to a normal child and the affliction was not hereditary. Most of all, it had nothing to do with bad omen, and was prevalent at the rate of 4 to 6 per 1000, it was pointed out.

Inaugurating the function, the Collector, V. Pandian, assailed the conservative attitude of the people in preventing the people affected by epilepsy from having contact with the outside world. The same was the case with mentally retarded people, who were not allowed by family members to have contact even with the neighbourhood. There must be an outlet for such affected persons, said Mr. Pandian.

The Government, he said, had taken giant strides in providing health care to the poor, and the Annal Gandhi Government Hospital was fully equipped to treat breast cancer, and cardiology related problems. Several epileptic patients were being treated in the hospital. To avoid hassles, treatment was offered once a fortnight to such patients and medicines were provided for the interregnum.

Earlier, the Collector released a book on epilepsy, written by neurologist M. A. Aleem. The first copy was received by S.J. Nehru, Dean In-Charge, K. A. P. Viswanatham Government Medical College.

The Dean In-Charge, Annal Gandhi Memorial Government Hospital, V. Thirugnanam, said the hospital was treating 70 to 80 new patients every week, from Tiruchi and neighbouring districts of Pudukottai, Karur and Perambalur. The Government had provided the hospital with adequate equipment and medicines. Against the budget of Rs. 40 lakhs for medicines a year, the hospital actually made purchases for Rs. two crores, he said, thanking the district administration for its cooperation. Specifying the need for an exclusive Department of Neurology, Dr. Thirugnanam also stressed the importance of installing MRI facility in the hospital. Referring to the CT scan facility, he said as many as 60 patients enjoyed its benefit every day.

P. Gnanasekaran, Professor and Head, Department of Medicine, said epileptic patients were treated at the hospital between 8.30 and 10.30 a.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Others who spoke included Thamizharasi, Resident Medical Officer, and S. Paneer Selvam, Professor.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Bharat Rathna for Jayalalitha

Our Tamilnadu CM jayalalitha is superior than other CMs of Tamilnadu and other states. As a lady CM jayalalitha over score other CMs in politics with her people friendly patriotic service to the people of Tamilnadu and India. she always win the race in every field including cin ema as a successful heroin, She never visited any countries but diplomats from each and every countries meeting our Tamilnadu CM and astonishing her talent in people friendly administration and her tireless service to the Tamilnadu and our nation. so as a dynamic lady CM for many term than other CM in India and as a successful heroin in cine field and as an intellectual and as a patriotic and as a long live ever chief minister of Tamilnadu our CM. J. Jayalalitha deserve the Indian government highest civilian award Bharata Rathna. along with international top most award of Nobel Prize.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Nobel Prize for Jayalalitha

Our Tamilnadu CM J. Jayalalitha is a role model for the Indian nation and the world for her women and children and students welfare activities along with world class health care activities for the people of Tamilnadu. Jayalalitha deserve Nobel Prize for her people friendly work for mainly poorer.Dr.M.A.Aleem is the first person who made plea to honour Tamil Nadu Cheif Minister J.Jayalalitha with Nobel prize in 7-12-2005 the news appeard in Tamil Nadu evening newspaper in Trichy malaimalar on7-12-2005

hypersexuality with Atomoxetin

A 35 years old female with attention deficit was started on atomoxetin developed excessive sexual feeling. This is one of the side effect of drugs used for attention deficit. This is my first case with the drug atomoxetin in a woman who got ex cessive sexual feeling.