Monday, January 28, 2013

Benefit Of Alcohol On Brain?

Low to moderate alcohol intake is associated with physiological benefits and neurological implications including improved cholesterol profiles beneficial effects on platelet and clotting function and improved insulin sensitivity.Limited alcohol use is also associated with lower risk of dementia and protection against stroke. The definition of moderate alcohol intake is up to 1 drink per day for women and up to 2 drink per day for men. One drink is equal to 12 ounces of regular beer or 5 ounces of 12% alcohol wine or 1.5 ounces of distilled spirits.
However the health costs to the brain of alcohol intake can quickly outweigh the benefits as heavy and long term alcohol use can lead to alcohol abuse and addiction impair memory and leads to neurodegenerative diseases and hinder psychosocial functioning. So better be avoid alcohol.

Monday, January 21, 2013

1st Engineer Of Thuvarankurichi Passed away

We the citizens of Thuvarankurichi lost our first engineer Er. N. Sheik Mohamed a great donor today.His loss is a great loss our community and for our village and Trichy.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Man Of The Year-2012 Award to Dr.M.A.Aleem

Tiruchirappalli Sanjeevi Nagar Welfare Association presented "The Man Of The Year -2012" Award to Dr.M.A.Aleem MD DM (Neuro) Head of the department and professor of neurology of Trichy Kapv Govt medical college and MGM Govt hospital for his outstanding medical services in the field of neurology on the occasion of its 11th year Pongal festival held on 15.1.2013. This award was given by the Trichy west MLA Mr. R. Manoharan in the presence of Trichy corporation commissioner V P. Dhandapani and the Sanjeevi nagan welfare association president M. Natarajan.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Trichy Hall of Fame Award to Dr.M.A.Aleem

"Trichy Hall of Fame" Award by Lalitha Jewellery has been given to Dr.M.A.Aleem Neurologist ABC hospital Trichy on 2013 January 10. This "Pride of Trichy "award is a fitting honor for Dr.Aleem for his dedicated neurological services to the people of Trichy.This award is given to the best citizen of Trichy in their chosen field.


Suggestion by DR.M.A.ALEEM. M.D.D.M.,(Neuro) President Trichy Neuro Association Trichy Tamil Nadu India.
Violence against women is a major public health problem and violation of women human right. This form of violence can result in Physical, Mental, Sexual, reproductive health and other health problems and may increases vulnerability to HIV.
  • In our country one rape occur for every 22 minutes as per our National crime record bureau.
  • In 2012 at Delhi only about 600 rapes had taken place.
  • In India in 2011 almost 90% of violent crimes were committed against women or 228610 out of 256326 cases logged by the police. No one knows how many more went an reported.
  • Worldwide up to 50% of sexual assault are committed against girls under 16
  • Between 0.3 to 11.3 of women reported experiencing sexual violence since the age of 15 years
  • The First sexual experience for many women was reporter as forced one (in 17% to 30% )
  • About 30 to 40% of women suffer work place sexual harassment in Asian region
  • Approximately 20% of women and 5 – 10% of men report being victims of sexual violence as children.
Health Consequences of Sexual Violence
  • Health effects can include headaches, back pain, abdominal pain fibromyalgia gastrointestinal disorders, limited mobility and poor overall health. In some cases, both fatal and non – fatal injuries can result as in recent Delhi rape victim.
  • Sexual violence can lead to unintended pregnancies, induced abortions, gynecological problems, and sexually transmitted infections, including HIV. Intimate partner violence in pregnancy also increases the likelihood of miscarriage, stillbirth, pre-term delivery and low birth weight babies.
  • These forms of violence can lead to depression, post – traumatic stress disorder, sleep difficulties, eating disorders, emotional distress and suicide attempts.
  • Sexual violence, particularly during childhood, can lead to increased smoking , drug and alcohol misuse, and risky sexual behaviors in later life. It is also associated with perpetration of violence (for males ) and being a victim of violence (for females).q
My Suggestion to prevent sexual offenses.
  • By Adopting our Tamilnadu chief minister Jayalalithaa's 13 point agenda to prevent sexual violence women which include Death for rape, Fast tract court for these offense, chemical castration, women help line and goondas act etc.
  • Women should not be very careless. Millions of Indian believes that women should not invite trouble on themselves by being careless.
  • Harmful effect and use of alcohol should he discouraged.
  • Sexual arousal through sending sexual text SMS,MMS, should be screened.
  • Allowing pornographic material rough cell phones, net, and Email,etc should be banned.
So …..
  • Should not kill female fetus.
  • Should not abandons female neonate
  • Should not neglect female infant
  • Should not abuse female children.
  • Should not sexually are assault female gender.
*Need radical reforms ensure justice and reach out with robust public services to make w omen's lives more safe and secure. * Self discipline, safe behavior and stringent action will prevent rape in India. *India is the world’s largest democracy and one of the world’s largest economies. Its female citizens half the population – should not be living in constant fear.
Dr.M.A.Aleem.M.D.D.M.,(neuro) President Trichy Neuro Association Trichy