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Intolerance as a cause of the movement of people. Aleem.M.A. BMJ 2017;357:j2710



Rethinking the right to work for refugee Syrian healthcare professionals: a call for innovation in global governance

BMJ 2017; 357 doi: (Published 27 June 2017)

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Re: Rethinking the right to work for refugee Syrian healthcare professionals: a call for innovation in global governance


Intolerance as a cause of the movement of people

There are many reasons for the movement of people as refugees. They include intolerance and the rejection of people on the basis of caste, food, habit and religion, which is reported at times in India. Regarding health care of refugees, they should be given full health care facilities with humanitarian aid.

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29 June 2017

M.A. Aleem


ABC Hospital

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Dr M. A.Aleem In junior vikatan 14.6 3017

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Epilepsia Journal

And the Gary Mathern


   Congratulations  to Gary Mathern
Editors-in-Chief, Epilepsia and his editorial team for getting a new peak of impact factor of 5.295 to the Epilepsia Journal

This shows the hard detected work of Editor in Chief Gary Mathern and his team

Once again my wishes and congratulations to Epilepsia and its Editorial team


Dr M.A.Aleem

Neurologist and Epileptologist

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Why are we not able to prevent the future pandemic of certain infectious diseases? ALEEM.M.A., HAKKIM.A.M. BMJ 2017;357:j2864


Views And Reviews

Vaccination alone will not halt the next global pandemic

BMJ 2017; 357 doi: (Published 13 June 2017)

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Re: Vaccination alone will not halt the next global pandemic

Why are we not able to prevent the future pandemic of certain infectious diseases?

It is individuals' responsibility to prevent the spread of vaccine preventable diseases. Vaccines are definitely useful to prevent many viral diseases such as polio and smallpox to the maximum extent

The change in viral genome by mutations and an individual's as well as parent's immune resistant status can also determine the spread of vaccine preventable diseases.

And infection also travels in a prodromal state, and the full blown state of a viral and bacterial infection passing from one country to another that is not using vaccine for prevention of these infections is a big problem nowadays.

And also the appearance of older infections with newer mutations of viral and bacterial infections are also the cause of epidemics in recent years.

These are the some of the reasons for not preventing the future pandemic of certain viral and bacterial infections.

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16 June 2017

M.A. Aleem



ABC Hospital

Annamalainagar Trichy 620018 Tamilnadu India


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CM admits to have recommended Sengipatti for AIIMS- In The Hindu Chennai 16.6.2017

CM admits to have recommended Sengipatti for AIIMS

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Edappadi K. Palaniswami on Thursday conceded that he had recommended to the Prime Minister that the proposed centre of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) be set up at Sengipatti in Thanjavur district. However, the perusal committee had not accepted the recommendation and sought details about alternative sites, he told the Legislative Assembly. The Chief Minister said the government would welcome establishment of the institution in any of the other four sites identified for the purpose.

Recently, the ruling party MLAs from Madurai had threatened to resign en masse if the AIIMS facility was not established in Madurai. Revenue Minister R.B. Udhayakumar, who hails from Madurai, had backed the demand.

During a debate in the House on the issue, DMK MLA K. Ponmudi (Tirukoilur) sought a clarification from the government on the location of the proposed AIIMS hospital, as there were conflicting opinions over the issue. The senior legislator startled everyone in the House including Mr. Palaniswami and Health Minister C. Vijaya Baskar by reading out the Chief Minister’s letter to the Prime Minister recommending Sengipatti as an ideal site for locating the AIIMS.

Intervening, Mr. Palaniswami said he had only recommended Sengipatti so that the proposal to establish AIIMS was not scrapped for want of an ideal location. “The committee has not accepted Sengipatti too. They have sought more information on other sites,” he said. According to him, AIADMK (Amma) MLAs from Madurai district, who were pushing for AIIMS in their district, were not aware of his communication to the Prime Minister.

Earlier in the day, during a related discussion, Mr. Vijaya Baskar said the central committee had made it clear that 200 acres of land, rail, road and air connectivity and water supply were major requirements for the proposed institution.

“The (Madurai) legislators may have said something because they are working in the interest of their respective constituencies. But, the central committee would decide on the final location,” the Minister added.

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20 Reasons Why Sengipatty in Central Tamilnadu Chosen for AIIMS Hospital. -Dr.M.A.Aleem

Why Sengipatty in Central Tamilnadu  Chosen  for AIIMS Hospital.

Following are the reasons for Sengipatty has been chosen as a site for AIIMS like hospital in central Tamilnadu:

1. In central Tamilnadu for more than 10 districts with mostly rural downtrodden population but there is no AIIMS like hospital to provide tertiary health care facilities .

2. In these area the health indices for the various health parameters are very low and which need uplift with AIIMS like hospital.

3. Sengipatty have adequate land of 200 and more acres to build the required Infrastructures.

4. sengipatty is very easily approached by Road and through near by airport  and  railway station from any part of state and  from any  central part of Tamilnadu.

5. The team inspected the other sits for AIIMS showed no adequate land and at  Madurai the land showed have Gas pipeline which is not  not good for building construction for AIIMS like hospital Infrastructures .

6. Regarding Madurai it already had AIIMS like 404 bedded hospital under PMSSY upgradation scheme which is nearing completion.

7. But Sengipatty is getting the AIIMS like institution for the first time

8 . The competitors like Madurai   have two medical colleges at Madurai city itself. In southern Tamilnadu there are one  medical college at Theni ,one medical college at Thirunelveli, one medical college at Thootukudi ,one medical college at kanyakumari one and more private medical college near valliure

9. But In sengipatty there is no hospital is available. 

10. In surrounding districts of sengipatty there are only five medical colleges and all are at 60 to 100 kilometres distance.
But in Madurai and in southern districts there are 7 medical colleges and many corporate hospitals.

11. Madurai is also having AIIMS like 404 bedded hospital under PMSSY  upgradaton scheme in phase two it self but Sengipatty is getting for the first time the AIIMS like hospital.

12.  In AIIMS like hospital at Sengipatty we can have 6 basic medicine departments like anatomy physiology, 18 sepecality departments like M D MS and 15 super speciality depatrments like neurology cardiology .

13. At AIIMS like hospital in sengipatty we can have 960 bedded inpatients facilities.

14.For 18 specialist departments there will be 500 beds.

15 . For 15 super specialty departments there will be 300 beds

16 . There will be 100 beds for ICU and Accidental emergencies.

17.About 30 beds will be for AYUSH and 30 more beds for Physical medicine and Rehabilitation(PMR)

18. In AIIMS like hospital at sengipatty It is possible to have  More than 4000 jops at various levels from doctors to so on.

19. So the state Government right choice for AIIMS like hospital is sengipatty.

20. So the central Government under the leadership of Our PM Modi will make our dreams comes true by getting the AIIMS like hospital at sengipatty in central Tamilnadu

So the people of central part of Tamilnadu is very much proud for getting this big health care project at Sengipatty in Our Prime Minister Modi Era.

- Dr.M.A.Aleem
Former Vice Principal
KAPV Government Medical College

AIIMS At Sengipatty in Tamilnadu - Dr.M.A Aleem Thanking Our PM Modi.

AIIMS at Sengipatty is a Boon and lmportant milestone in health care in central part of Tamilnadu

Central government has finalised Sengipatty as the site for AIIMS (Revealed by RTI The Hindu Chennai 10.6.2017).

For this I am thanking our Prime Minister Modi, central health minister Naanda ,our state former and present chief ministers and our health minister vijaibasker, our MPs kumar and Vaithyalingam
-Dr.M A Aleem
Former vice principal AND Neurologists Kapv govt medical college

Choice of Sengipatty for AIIMS is correct by both central and state government- Dr.M.A.Aleem

Choice of Sengipatty is correct by both central and state government

There are two type of scheme in creation of AIIMS like hospital under Pradhan Mantri Swasthya Suraksha Yojana  scheme that is
(i) Setting up of AIIMS like Institutions 
(ii) Upgradation of Government Medical College Institutions.

Under second AIIMS like scheme In second phase already Madurai was upgraded with 404 beds and more than 46% of that work is over

So now in 5th phase of AIIMS like hospital Sengipatty is selected for first time

Madurai got AIIMS like hospital under  upgradation scheme before so

Now for first time in Sengipatty with AIIMS like hospital.

so the choice of Sengipatty is correct by both central and state government

-Dr M A Aleem
Former vice principal
Kapv Government medical college

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21 new posts created in KAPV for super speciality departments

Friday, June 9, 2017

AIIMS to come up at Sengipatti, reveals RTI document. The Hindu Chennai 10.06.2017

The Hindu 10.9.2017

AIIMS to come up at Sengipatti, reveals RTI document

CHENNAI, JUNE 10, 2017 00:00 IST
UPDATED: JUNE 10, 2017 04:40 IST


Village in Thanjavur identified as most suitable location
A response to a query under the Right to Information Act has revealed that the Centre has chosen Sengipatti in Thanjavur for setting up the All India Institute of Medical Sciences.

In a letter dated May 4 to Sunil Sharma, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, State Health Secretary J. Radhakrishnan referred to a memorandum presented by the Chief Minister on February 27 to the Prime Minister, wherein he had requested that “the decision to locate the proposed AIIMS at Sengipatti in Thanjavur district be announced forthwith and the financial sanction accorded by the Government of India without further delay.”

The RTI applicant was Thinakaran Rajamani, a resident of Mela Street in Kalathimadam of Alangulam taluk in Tirunelveli district.
The memorandum refers to the Central team’s visit to the State between April 23 and 25, 2015, and inspection of five sites, and says: “It is learnt that Sengipatti in Thanjavur district has been identified as the best suited for setting up AIIMS.”
Sengipatti was chosen based on the lack of tertiary healthcare facilities close to it. The annexure to the letter has provided details of all the inspected sites and their accessibility to the airport and the railway station.
Early availability of suitable land has also played an important part. In Chengalpattu, Kancheepuram, only 188.08 acres were available. In Pudukottai, the government could identify 200 acres. In Perundurai, only 192.85 acres were available and in Thoppur, Madurai, 198.27 acres of identified land was divided by a gas pipeline.

The most important parameter — health indicators and the gap in tertiary health care facilities — has tilted the choice in favour of Sengipatti.
Sengipattiis surrounded by Ariyalur, Perambalur and Tiruchi districts with no government medical colleges.

Certificate of Appreciation by the Trichy District Collector for Neurological Awareness and Health Care Services For the year 2016-2017

Exessive Mobile phone use can lead to brain tumours- Dr.M.A.Aleem Neurologist in Times of India Trichy June 9, 2017

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World Brain Tumor Day 2017, June 8   

World Brain Tumor Day: Let’s Spread brain tumor Awareness on June 8

Dr M.A.Aleem


Former Vice Principal

HoD and Professor of neurology

KAPV Govt. Medical college and MGM Govt Hospital


World Brain Tumor Day is celebrated annually on 8th of June. 

This day was set aside to be celebrated globally by an association of brain tumor that is based in Germany. 

World Brain Tumor Day helps in raising awareness to the public and educating them on brain tumor, a type of cancer that is not common and most people do not know about it. It is also a day that helps the people who are suffering from brain tumor in facing their challenges. 

In India, every year 40,000-50,000 persons are diagnosed with brain tumour. Of these 20 per cent are children. Until a year ago, the figure was only somewhere around 5 per cent.Research has shown that brain tumor is the most common type of cancer affecting childrentoday.

Brain Tumor Details

Brain tumor is a condition that occurs when the cells in the brain multiply in an abnormal way or a way that cannot be controlled. The tumor can be malignant meaning it is cancerous or it can be non-cancerous (benign).
The tumors are graded from grade 1 to 4 and this depends with their location, how fast the cells are multiplying and the spread to adjacent areas/organs.

The Causes of Brain Tumor

The exact cause of cancer is unknown, however, the factors that increase the risk of getting cancers include:

-Genetic predisposition

-Invasive where the cancer spreads to the brain from adjacent parts

-Receiving radiation to the head in children


The symptoms of brain cancer will vary from one person to another depending with the exact location of the tumor in the brain.
The common symptoms that may occur include:


-Persistent and severe headaches (migraines)

-Persistent nausea and vomiting


-Behavioral and mental alterations like changes in personality and memory problems

-Progressive weakness or paralysis of limbs located on one side of the body

-Speech problems

-Vision problems

Treatment of Brain Tumor

The main treatment of any type of cancer is surgery where the affected tissue is removed as much as possible.
In most cases, it is not possible to remove the entire tissue that is affected and therefore, the treatment is followed by:



Precaution of Brain Tumor

There is no precaution that can be taken in prevention of brain tumor. It is advisable to go for regular screenings because early detection and treatment will help in prevention of complications.

Purpose of World Brain Tumor Day

The association of brain tumor created this day to be celebrated so that it would draw attention to the public and this includes the businessmen, politicians, medical and research institutions in the importance of funding the research that is done on brain tumor and the collaboration of interdisciplinary. The aim of doing this is to come up with ways of treatment that are effective and affordable.

What can be Done on this Day?

Creating awareness on the type of cancer and this includes the causes, management and the treatment. Awareness will also be made on the signs and symptoms of brain tumor, its facts and advocacy issues that are vital to the brain tumor support groups will also be discussed.
The people who are suffering from brain tumor are encouraged to join support group to reduce the stress associated with the illness. The support group will help in sharing the challenges faced during treatment and provide hope for other people who are suffering from the condition.
Encourage the patients who are suffering from brain tumor to research on the condition and get to know how to cope with it.

Message on The World Brain Tumor Day

The main message is to create awareness of the condition by educating people on the sign and symptoms, facts about the condition, its management and treatment.
The day celebrates the brain tumor survivor patients who have undergone treatment and have been declared to be cancer free.
The patients who are battling brain tumor are encouraged to join support groups where they share on the challenges faced while undergoing treatment
The family members and community at large are encouraged to appreciate the patients who are battling tumor cancers and this will include supporting them financially and psychologically.


Brain tumor is a rare type of tumor and most people are not aware about it. World brain tumor day is set aside to show support for the people who are suffering from brain cancer and the brain cancer survivors.