Saturday, July 4, 2015

Historical Significance of Ramadan

Historical Significance of Ramadan

There many historical important had been happened in the holy month of Ramadan. They are:

• On 02 Ramadan, Torah was bestowed on Prophet Moses.
• On 10 Ramadan, Khadija, Wife of Prophet Muhammad died.
• On 12 Ramadan, Bible was bestowed on Prophet Jesus.
• On 15 Ramadan, Hassan ibn Ali son of Imam Ali was born and Sayyid Muhammad Alawi Al Maliki died
• On 17 Ramadan, Battle of Badr was won by the Muslims.
• On 18 Ramadan, Psalms was bestowed on Prophet David.
• On 19 Ramadan, Imam Ali was injured by sword.
• On 21 Ramadan, Imam Ali died.
• On 23 Ramadan, Qur'an was bestowed on Prophet Muhammad.

• Battle of Badr: 17th Ramadan 2 AH- Was the first battle fought by Muslims after their migration to Medina against the Meccans. The battle ended in a victory for the 313 Muslims participating in the war over whelming around 1000 Meccans.

• Assasination of Ali: 21st Ramadan 40th AH: The fourth and last caliph of the Muslims, passed away in this month. His death marked the end of Caliphate in Islam.

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