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Plethora of problems plague city traffic police personnel

Plethora of problems plague city traffic police personnel

TNN | Mar 13, 2015, 01.46 AM IST

Times of India Trichy

TRICHY: Come summers, traffic police personnel invariably bear the brunt of the scorching heat every year. This year, the early onset of summer has exacerbated their problems, including health complications.

Exhausted traffic police personnel leave signals in the afternoon leading to the mess up of vehicular movement. Lack of traffic shelters and uniforms made of polyester cause several health problems to them.

Walking under the scorching sun during summer seasons is always a nightmarish experience for anyone. The situation becomes worse for traffic personnel who have to endure the hot sun and dust particles from early morning till night.

A recent order by the city police commissioner Sanjay Mathur to extend the duty time from 7am to 11pm instead of 8am to 10pm has further worsened their situation. They are not provided with enough basic facilities like proper traffic shelters and refreshments. At least two traffic personnel man one signal in shifts throughout the day.

The shortage of manpower also takes a toll on the staff-crunched city police. Police officials said about 100 traffic police personnel are employed at present in the city.

Interactions with traffic police personnel brought to light the difficulties faced by them during the summer seasons. Their uniform, made of cotton and polyester, also causes nettlesome during summer.

A traffic policeman expressed his anguish over the failure of the department to protect them from heat-related diseases.

"A major problem we face is the lack of shelters at many signals in the city. So, we have face the heat and the pollution which causes serious health problems in the long run," said a traffic policeman seeking anonymity.

For instance, some of the major signals connecting arterial roads are not equipped with full-fledged shelters.

The signals near Head Post Office, Othakkadai, TVS Toll gate, Mannarpuram, SIT, Oil mill are some of the places where shelters are missing. Motorists' ignorance about traffic rules also get on their nerves.

Like last year, the city police are yet to provide refreshments like buttermilk, lemonade and water to traffic police personnel.

Doctors warn of serious health complications if the traffic police personnel are not provided proper facilities.

"The salinity in the body will decrease due to sweating during summer. Traffic police personnel are prone to loss of fluid, muscle cramps, burning urination and irritation in the body. Prickly heat will lead to lack of concentration while on duty leading to confusion in traffic regulation. So, they must consume tender coconut, lemonade, buttermilk, water at regular intervals. Wearing sunglass will protect their eyes from sunlight and pollution. It is advisable to wear cotton dress loosely," said neurologist Dr MA Aleem, former vice-principal of KAP Viswanatham Government Medical College.

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